It takes years to nurture and perfect partner relationships along with complex travel deal promotions. We have a blueprint for success and it includes you. Join the world’s fastest growing travel booking site... We are not the largest although we plan on growing to get there. We offer one of a kind family owned personal services. All our deales are outlined in black and white we never have hidden fees or charges. Our goal is to get you the cheapest vacations for your self or family! 

An unrelenting desire to offer world-class travel experiences, affordably.


Our goal is to become the most recognized and respected specialty travel brand in the world today, providing unmatched hybrid vacation cruise & hotel experiences to a global consumer base at affordable prices.


A decade ago, the original leadership team sought to transform the travel dynamics for both consumers seeking affordable luxury getaways and top 5-star resorts & cruise lines craving a reliable pipeline of qualified prospects and customers. Their incredible journey led to the formation of the world’s fastest growing online travel booking site.

25 Years!

Our company is derived from key members that have been in the Vacation & Travel industry for 25 years! Sending thousands of people and families on vacation.

We are always looking to have the best offers and only work with great resorts with companies that facilitate affordable offers & packages. We would send our own mothers to travel on. If it is not good enough for our family, friends or our selves we do not offer it. Our goal is to provide top quality vacations you deserve at an amazing discount price you won't be able to pass up! Helping you create lasting special memories for you and your family. The smile on your face is priceless, your word of mouth and great reviews are unmatched. Thank you for being a part of UPH Travel.

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